Bike/foot trip to Bærumskollen (04/09/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sørkedalen-Heggelivann-Bærumskollen
Organiser: Kjentmannsposter 2012-2014
Distance: 27.94 km
Time: 228:37
The usual group of friends turned up at the Skansebakken parking around 17:00, then after waiting for the guy who got stuck on the subway, we started west into the gated (logging) road system. We took the northern route past Slora and stopped as we merged back onto the alternate route:

At this point we climbed down into the river canyon, to the Gryta control, before getting back on our MTBs and start the big climb up to Heggelivann.

Just before the dam we took a left and followed another logging road to the very end, just underneath the steep hillside up to Bærumskollen.

We decided to make a loop, so we started by going north along the lake shore, then climbed straight up as soon as we got past some boulder and scree fields.

We hit directly on the control marker, so this worked out nicely! :-)

The weather was still gorgeous, so we walked over to the NW end of the hill, where we could sit in the evening sunshine and take out our food & drink, plus quite a bit of chocolate.

Going back down we took the more obvious route, going west of the cliffs and then as we got down we found an animal path along the hillside which lead us back to the path shown on the orienteering map.

The return trip was a _lot_ easier than going uphill, mostly a lot of coasting downhill and hoping my brakes would hold up.

BTW, by the "Nedre" tag, north of Furuberget, we met Eirik who had been delayed at work.

At this point I rode ahead of the rest of the group since I had forgotten my headlamp and really wanted to get back down before it got too dark!

For variation I took the longer (southern) road past Slora, even if it is km longer it has less loose gravel so it is safer to ride down.
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Bike/foot trip to Bærumskollen (04/09/2013) Bike/foot trip to Bærumskollen (04/09/2013)