KM H55 (31/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Nygård
Organiser: Fossum
Distance: 6.99 km
Time: 50:13
County Championship for Oslo/Akershus: Partly very good but with a few stupid mistakes.

1. Second best split time, Per Kr Ekeberg who started by taking the road, then straight up the hillside beat me by 11 sec.

2. Really stupid route choice, I should have gone straight or slightly left which would have saved some climb plus avoided the parallel mistake where I climbed up on the second open hill believing I was on the southernmost. Lost 1:26 to Rune Berge here and dropped down to 8th position in the race.

3-8. My best period here with 5 best and one second best split time, took over the lead on the 6th control.

9. Stupidly tried to avoid any altitude loss, causing me to pass above the control and losing 45 sec to Per Kr who regained the lead.

10. No compass, just running where it was most open resulted in a wide left swing but only 11 sec behind the best split.

11. The 1.5 km route choice leg: Going through the starting area was the best option, even though I lost almost 1:30 on a control miss I still had the second best split time. I knew that this control was the last difficult one so I tried to be very careful, taking a compass course from just past the logged area: When I got down to where I should have seen the control I spotted an open (but unmapped) area to my right, located underneath the control circle south of the control, this caused me to look in the wrong direction.

12. Ran very fast down the same way I came up and regained just enough time to take over the lead and eventually win the race.

13. Ran into a branch that hit my left eye, but at this point that didn't matter too much, I just finished as fast as possible, then visited the doctor in the medical tent who diagnosed a hematome, i.e. bleeding inside the white part of the eye. I have been to the emergency center now and got treated with antibiotic salve, a big eye patch to be worn until tomorrow, and antibiotic eye drops to be used for the next 4-5 days.

I did discuss tomorrow's relay champs with the doctor and when I promised to use protective glasses he told me that it would be OK to start. :-)
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KM H55 (31/08/2013) KM H55 (31/08/2013)