OBIK P22 / NMK 5 (29/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skådalen
Organiser: Heming
Distance: 5.11 km
Time: 40:42
Mostly OK race and pretty good course considering that the 4.1 km got the worst of the terrain, with the longer courses having loops on top of the control 5 to 9 hill and further south. This is the same area as was used for the best half of the Middle distance Word Cup race last year.

1.Mostly transport

2. Two main options, it is possible that the road would have been faster but I still had the best split.

3. Multiple alternatives but my right-hand choice must have been the best.

4. Very good, managed to find the thin white stripe through the dense forest.

5. OK, but the hillside was so dense that it would have been faster to further across the marsh and locate the path as soon as possible.

6. First mistake: Though I had hit the path a little bit further north, so I didn't see the immediate junction right. Could also have gone straight here since the terrain is so nice. Lost 40-45 sec.

7. OK, good flow.

8. The marsh was so wet that it must have been faster to go right, lost half a minute here.

9. I didn't like the map going into the control circle, never did see the cliff and stopped at a couple of smaller unmapped knolls before finding the control placed extremely low in tall grass. Another 39 sec lost to Kjell Markset who took over the lead here.

10. A bit of anger helped keep the speed up, I probably found the perfect route here and regained the lead.

11. Another good control.

12. About halfway up the first very steep hill I decided to slow down a little bit in order to save som energy for the upcoming Oslo/Akershus county championships this weekend! Leif Thingsrud who still (in H55!) is running the H21 Ultra Long Norwegian Champs beat me by half a minute.

13. I could probably have gone straight here since the white forest was quite nice, but it didn't seem to make any difference in split time.
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OBIK P22 / NMK 5 (29/08/2013) OBIK P22 / NMK 5 (29/08/2013)