Ringerike 2-dagers søndag H50 (25/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Eggemoen
Organiser: Ringerike OL
Distance: 5.99 km
Time: 37:22
I'll have to reconsider my usual "full speed from the start, reading the map every few seconds to hit the first control perfectly" strategy, at least when running in totally flat, featureless areas like the flat parts of Eggemoen!

I missed seeing the first control, stopped and spent quite a bit of time before I realized that it was just 15-20 m away. Lost 30-40 sec.

Ran fast just like yesterday trying to regain some time to #2, but lost the direction while passing the green thickets along the path and ended up in an almost flat but slightly undulating area, where it was very difficult to determine where the contour lines would lie. Lost aboout 1:30 here!

#3 was my first good control, when I discussed our races with Jörgen Mårtensson (who won by a lot and had the best min/km time of everyone, including the winner of H21!) we had taken the exact same route, I had the second best split time, but Jörgen was over half a minute faster!

I also ran well to #4 and #5, second best split times, lost another half a minute to the old world champion. (BTW, it is possible that the control boulder on #4 is located a little bit higher in the hillside than shown on the map, my track log fits perfectly from #3 to #5 and it shows me punching about one contour line higher up?)

Towards #6 I realized that since the control was located so low, it would probably be fastest to run down to the road, but decided to stay on the hillside because the orienteering was much more interesting.

I did #7 more or less as planned, except that I should have gone much more direct to the second road. The hesitations cost me another 30 sec or so.

OK to #8, good flow.

Same to #9, but as the gps track shows, the path system halfway is probably drawn slightly wrong and the control itself might be located a little bit further NE, to where my track makes a 60-degree turn.

Nr 10 seems easy, with the obvious contour step, but I crossed over too soon and ended up on the wrong line. I realized this a little bit further, when I started to see the big depression area and cut back up to the correct feature. 15 sec?

#11 was obviously going to be difficult, so I made sure that I found the path/ride junction (which had a beginner's control on it) and followed the ride to the turn drawn at the end. Here the ride went on as a more indistinct feature, making it easy to keep the same direction, before breaking left to the control.

As my track shows, the depression seems to be drawn in exactly right, while the ride is slightly misplaced, so I missed the control to the right and lost 20-30 sec. (Most of my competitors also made some time loss here unless they were lucky enough to spot another runner dropping into the control depression.)

In the end I came third, after Jörgen and Leif Eriksson, but in front of the all the other H55 guys. (Since this was the county championship for Buskerud they had eliminated most of the x5 classes.)
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Ringerike 2-dagers søndag H50 (25/08/2013) Ringerike 2-dagers søndag H50 (25/08/2013)