Ringerike 2-dagers lørdag H50 (24/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Eggemoen
Organiser: Ringerike OL
Distance: 3.9 km
Time: 25:31
OK race, not too many mistakes:

Stopped a bit too early on #1, was fooled by some unmapped (but not very distinct paths, lost 20-30 sec.

Restarted my race at that point and won the next 4 splits:

Perfect to #2, made a quick decision and ran around to #3, saving both time and energy.

Obvious route to #4, hit it perfectly.

Nice flow to #5 & 6 as well.

Towards #7 I started in the wrong direction, then realized that the hillside was simply too steep to traverse it, so I had to climb up, then locate the control from above. This resulted in my worst split result and a time loss of around 40 sec.

On the long leg to #8 the GPS shows that I kept pretty good direction, but when I didn't see the details I expected to locate along the way I decided to turn left at the end, so that I could attack the control from the path junction to the NW. This worked nicely, except that I found an unmapped path when I crossed the road, but relocated quickly and hit the control perfectly. (This was a 2 m deep fox hole depression, so it was very hard to see from any distance.)

Good flow almost to the 9th control, but as I approached it a competitor was standing still and looking around before going east. It turned out later that he was actually standing on top of the control, having punched, but hadn't yet figured out the direction towards the last control!

I lost 20 sec here, checking the path junction and going back, which could have been crucial since I ended up winning by just 5 sec!
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Ringerike 2-dagers lørdag H50 (24/08/2013) Ringerike 2-dagers lørdag H50 (24/08/2013)