KM Mellom Østfold (18/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ryggerød
Organiser: Gimle
Distance: 4.37 km
Time: 37:09
Could have been perfect but then I made a really stupid mistake! :-(

(Conditions were pretty bad, with gale force wind and heavy rain. Combined with meter-high heather this made for a lot of stumbles and falls.)

Very good to the three first controls and well into the control circle on #4:

I had read the description that said "flat reentrant" but I still didn't imagine that the control could be located there on a pretty much flat spur so I didn't even look for the flag when I passed it by a few meters. On this leg I had caught up to a competitor who started a few minutes before me, he missed to the left and I was looking more at him instead of looking for the flag.

I just followed the contours along the edge of the marshland, so when I dumped into #5 I saw a control code that was correct, stamped and went on. A few meters before #6 I saw the sharp drop and knew that this didn't match up with what I was expecting around #5, but then I saw the flag and the control code was the next one! (We did not get separate descriptions so I had to unfold/refold my map to check them.)

After stamping here I finally realized that this was #6 and that I hadn't been to #4 yet!

Nothing else to do but to retrace my steps all the way back to #4 and then restamp 5 and 6 before I could go on. It took exactly 6:30 from the first to second time I made it to #4, but I gained a little bit back because I could run faster to 5 & 6 the third time I passed that way.

Careful into #7, very easy #8, then I aimed a little bit to the left towards #9.

Good flow to 10, 11 & 12.

I had a competitor in front of me towards the last control, when we got close to the field halfway there the first corner was marked with tape, but then the tape ended and there was a very obvious path across it and there was nothing but grass growing there, so we assumed it was OK to run across. DSQ?
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KM Mellom Østfold (18/08/2013) KM Mellom Østfold (18/08/2013)