OBIK P18 (15/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Slettfjell/Nøklevann
Organiser: Aker Solution
Distance: 4.51 km
Time: 36:25
Nice dry, sunny weather and 1:7500 map, so not too many mistakes here:

Relatively easy to the first two controls, but a lot of climbing, then a trival transport leg to #3.

The serious part started with the leg to #4, I had perfect control until I passed the path half way, but then I started to orienteer on contours only, disregarding my compass and ended up too far north. Lost about 40 sec.

Good flow and execution to the next controls, until the very last:

There is a contour line hidden underneath the control circle, this was a _very_ obvious step in the terrain so I assumed it had to be the knoll further north and ran around it on the south side. When I didn't find the control there I thought it had been removed or misplaced, then I found a red/white marker tape under a small cliff but still no flag so now I knew it was missing!

At that point another runner who came along spotted it 20 m further north, underneath another cliff. I.e. the map could have been better here, the detail should not have been used and course printing needs to use overprint effect so that map details show through!
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OBIK P18 (15/08/2013) OBIK P18 (15/08/2013)