OBIK P17 (13/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bjønndalen/Skytta
Organiser: FFI
Distance: 4.05 km
Time: 32:30
Mostly trivial orienteering but still fun to run on a good 1:7500 scale map!

Obvious routes to #1 ad 2.

Took the same way back towards #3, it might have been just as fast to go straight north?

I thought I had a good route to #4 and no mistakes but I still lost 10 sec to Tore Sannes.Maybe he avoided some of the green stuff into the control?

I hope he'll post his route to the RouteGadget site!

Very good to #5 and 6 where we had to orienteer. :-)

Lazy towards #7, didn't read the map properly and slid off to the left. Lost about 10 sec.

Good plan and execution to #8.

Trivial last control, just run to where the path entered the field (with a new block of flats, so it was out of bounds), and turn right.
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OBIK P17 (13/08/2013) OBIK P17 (13/08/2013)