Sommerløpet H50 / JWOC 2015 map test (11/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sauraai/Rauland
Organiser: Dyre Vaa/Porsgrunn
Distance: 4.24 km
Time: 34:39
The first race on a map produced according to the JWOC 2015 program: Even though I have worked on the entire base map area (over 200 sq km!) I have never been in this particular slice of the terrain and I was amazed:

The control picking areas were extremely detailed, with lots of partially exposed rock with boulders and intricate contour detail, while the longer legs were very runable, with just some grass and low heather/blueberry covering.

Very good to #1, nearly the same speed as the H19-20 and H21 runners who had used the same control. I noticed the boulder which I passed going up on the shoulder of the last hill then used the big boulder above the control as the final attack point.

OK to #2.

Very good to #3, except that I stopped less than 10 m from it without seeing the depression, then decided to run straight uphill to the path to relocate instead of searching. This cost me 1:20.

Trying to regain some of the loss I ran very fast downhill, aiming for the huge boulder near #4, but didn't take the time to read the control description and started looking at the wrong cliff face, costing me another 40 sec.

Still a bit stressed I started to orienteer from 5 to 6 but understood it quickly, only losing 10-15 sec and still getting the best split time.

OK to #6, the little zig-zag up the hill was due to micro route choices.

I did #7 exactly as planned but lost 10 sec to Kjell Westin who had been leading since my mistake on #3. I think this time loss was mostly due to my seasonal ragweed pollen allergy which always hit me around this time, forcing me to walk quite a bit. :-(

OK to #8, gained back the 10 sec lost to nr 7.

I ran very nicely downhill to #9, recovered the lead and had the best split here and on the rest of the controls. Used the dangerous marsh and the boulder I had noticed towards #1 followed by the next boulder and the saddle before dropping down to the control.

#10 seems easy on the map but I saw several people making mistakes here: The semi-open is not a logging area but due to partially exposed rock features with lots of small detail.

Passed the boulder and the stream towards #11, then dropped down closer to the river. The control was located behind a big old-growth mountain spruce so it was hard to see, causing me a little hesitation.

OK to the last control and the wet run-in across the final marsh.
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Sommerløpet H50 / JWOC 2015 map test (11/08/2013) Sommerløpet H50 / JWOC 2015 map test (11/08/2013)