Camp Norway 03 Middle test run (09/08/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Bitustøyl/Rauland
Organiser: Dyre Vaa/Porsgrunn
Distance: 4.35 km
Time: 35:38
Nice run on one of the planned JWOC 2015 trainings for Camp Norway which starts in a couple of days. The terrain was extremely nice, with a mixture of mountain birch and dense old growth spruce which reduces visibility.

I made a slight right-hand bend towards the first control in order to touch the open march and the streams; when I didn't see the middle stream I knew that I was slightly too far north and turned a little. Hit the control area perfectly.

The second control was much easier, just keeping the direction to the big marsh then cross the saddle point.

Towards #3 I intentionally kept a little high until the path, then just slid down the hillside.

I should probably have made a right-hand bend towards #4, possibly even using the path for a while. As it was the hillside was too step for me to run up. 15-20 sec?

Good control to #5.

Used the contours to lead me into #6.

Control 7 had been stolen unfortunately, with the flag located just a few meters from the path someone must have thought it had been abandoned. I'll return tomorrow and put up a replacement! (I spent nearly 3 min here trying to find the flag, hoping it had been misplaced.)

I simplified #8 by taking it from the right-hand side, extending the control down to the little stream.

I believed I had climbed a bit too much halfway to #9 but I still needed to turn right at the end. Ca 15 sec?

OK to 10.

Good direction down t the marsh but then I made a face-plant in the wettest part of the marsh and didn't check my compass after this, ending up too far north. 20-30 sec?

OK to the final control.
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Camp Norway 03 Middle test run (09/08/2013) Camp Norway 03 Middle test run (09/08/2013)