"Caps" Two-man relay (06/08/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Kjøkøy
Organiser: FSK
Distance: 6.18 km
Time: 98:06
I joined FSK for a training event just 15 min from our summer cabin: Two runners ran alternating two-control loops, leaving a marker on the second control which then became the first control for the other runner who moved it to the next.

On my first loop I didn't understand the concept so I just ran to #1 and left the marker there, so that my training companion had to pick it up there, then visit #2 and leave the marker on the third. My punishment for this mistake was an extra long wait before I could start on my second loop to 3 & 4.

On the next loop I spent an extra minute around #6 because the control (a boulder) wasn't really visible: On the NW side where I came from it was really just a thin spur and not a boulder at all. :-(

7 & 8 went nicely until the return when I passed the indistinct path without seeing it, even though I had already been there four times!

On 9 & 10 I had a similar problem to 5 & 6: The control detail ( a small cliff) was so small that I had to check around a bit before I could hang the marker.

On 11 & 12 I hesitated into 11, then made a big mistake on 12, leaving the marker in the wrong spot (but on a cliff which was larger than the one on #10).

At this point the fastest (younger) pairs had finished all the loops and wanted to go swimming, so I just ran directly to the car park from #13.
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"Caps" Two-man relay (06/08/2013) "Caps" Two-man relay (06/08/2013)