NM Sprint Arendal H21 course (09/07/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Arendal
Distance: 3.37 km
Time: 21:24
We came to Arendal today, after watching the WOC TV transmission on my laptop I copied the two year old sprint course onto a small electronic display and tried to run the H21 course:

OK to the first 12 controls but then the bridge across "Pollen" was missing so I had to run around. On the final peninsula I had severe problems reading the map on the little LCD screen and when I finally realized that I had taken 14-17 in the opposite order I called it a day. :-)
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NM Sprint Arendal H21 course (09/07/2013) NM Sprint Arendal H21 course (09/07/2013)