Gränsjakten 3 H55 (30/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lommeland-Näsinge
Organiser: Idefjordens SK
Distance: 5.36 km
Time: 36:52
Kept the lead and won the last day as well, so a good result but I should have avoided a couple of mistakes:

1: It was probably drier and therefore faster to take the right-hand path up the hill, but I only lost 7 seconds on my route choice.

2: Tried to find the indistinct path but went too far north, lost 15-20 s.

3: Good execution, best split time here.

4: This one should have been easy, just aim due south, but I passed above the control and spotted a flag on the boulder 80 m further on. I lost 50 s here.

5: This was the longest and most decisive leg, with a good route choice and near perfect execution I extended my lead by more than a minute here.

6: Very good until the center of the control circle, where the map indicated that the reentrant should be more or less on the spur, while in reality it was located on the inside. Lost 30 s here, but so did most of my competitors.

7: OK

8: OK

9: Left the control in the wrong direction and never managed to recover. When I hit the narrow path (where I had a control on the first day!) I believed this was the big one and crossed over expecting to find the next path. Instead I got stuck in boulders and had to go back, then spent some time in the green getting to the control. Lost another 50 s here!

OK to the last control and finish line. I was very glad I didn't end up with a sprint finish like last year!
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Gränsjakten 3 H55 (30/06/2013) Gränsjakten 3 H55 (30/06/2013)