Gränsjakten 1 H55 (28/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lommeland-Näsinge
Organiser: Idefjordens SK
Distance: 3.87 km
Time: 26:25
Not perfect but still a win:

1: The control circle should have been broken to show the path that we crossed while approaching the control! I had planned to go straight up the hill from the starting triangle, but the boulder field was the remains of granite quarrying so it was obviously faster to follow the path up the hill. I passed the control without seeing it, then recovered when I spotted the cliffs in front of me. Lost 30 sec.

2: OK except for a little hesitation into the control.

3: Passed this one by less than 10 m, lost 20 sec.

4: Bad execution: I should have avoided the green by going slightly right and then just follow the spur up the hill, but I ran into the little saddle believing I was in the green reentrant SW of the control, then recovered when I hit the boulder field. Lost around 35 sec.

5 & 6: OK.

7: Hesitated a bit going up the hill inside the control circle but no time loss.

8: I did consider going straight but when I noticed that the control placement was "end of path" the path route was far too obvious! A H10N control?

9: Some hesitation going into the control. It is possible that the late starters got more of a track into this one.

10 & Finish: Just a lot of running! I tried to speed up but still lost 7+4=11 seconds to Sixten W who seems to have at least one higher gear than I do. :-)
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Gränsjakten 1 H55 (28/06/2013) Gränsjakten 1 H55 (28/06/2013)