OSI Rankingløp (26/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skar
Organiser: Øivind Due Trier/Sine-Sara Astad
Distance: 5.32 km
Time: 50:05
Really bad weather but when my clubmate Øivind is the course planner I had to run this event.

The first 6 controls went OK, then I hit the difficult #7 perfectly but saw at once that the control & EMIT unit was missing. Since I was so close to the finish area at this point I ran down in order to warn the organizer and pick up a spare control if possible.

They didn't have any spares so I jogged back up and restarted my race after a detour of almost exactly 7 minutes (6:59 according to the gps).

At this point we started about 160 m of vertical climb, mostly in pretty heavy heather:

OK to #8, then I managed to run up the first hill towards #9, but I should have followed the indistinct path all the way to the big one, now I got stuck in a green climb for the last steep part.

When I crossed the final narrow valley below the control it seemed to me that I was at or a little south of the saddle point, so I took a bearing based on this, but this caused me to go too low ending up at the pair of boulders instead of the control. Lost up to a minute here.

OK to #10, kept very good direction using just the contour detail.

Pretty much the same to #11 where I also had the stream as a boundary marker.

Difficult to #13, "felt" my way down to the control area.

My final time of 50:02 would have been 43:03 without the extra trip trying to fix #7.
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OSI Rankingløp (26/06/2013) OSI Rankingløp (26/06/2013)