O-Festivalen H55 Day 3 Long (23/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kvåse
Organiser: KOK
Distance: 6.13 km
Time: 48:24
A very good race:

Won the first 4 legs, second best split times to 5 and 6.

I lost about a minute near the end of the long 7th leg when I suddenly started worrying I had made another parallel mistake like I did yesterday, believing I was in the marsh area 250 m SW of the control! I started walking towards NW while carefully rechecking my map and compass. When I realized that this was a false alarm I turned back.

The rest of the race went very well, I ended up winning by over 3 min.
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O-Festivalen H55 Day 3 Long (23/06/2013) O-Festivalen H55 Day 3 Long (23/06/2013)