O-Festivalen H55 Day 2 Middle (22/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kvåse
Organiser: KOK
Distance: 4.21 km
Time: 37:46
Another fast start (lead by almost a minute on control 3, except for the guy who surveyed the original map of this terrain, he was just 11 sec behind), then I messed up really badly:

To #4 I should of course have gone through the narrow valley underneath the line, lost 30+ sec.

Trying to recover from this I found a good route choice to #5, at the end I should just run down to the open (yellow) marsh, then cut left: When the blue marsh seemed just as open as the yellow part I started looking in the wrong location and lost 2 min according to the GPS.

OK to #6, the split times show that at this point I was in 5th place and that it was still possible to win the race.

#7 is where I totally lost it, I still don't understand what happened, except that on the easiest leg of the course I took the path in the opposite direction and lost 5 min while searching for the control on the wrong side of the largest feature on the entire map, i.e. the triple high voltage power line! Even more amazing is the fact that my brother Knut made the exact same mistake (in H50), but recovered after "just" 3.5 min. Was there something funny with the path system where we entered it?

At this point I gave up the race completely and started conserving power for the next day, but I still kept more or less the same speed as the winner.
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O-Festivalen H55 Day 2 Middle (22/06/2013) O-Festivalen H55 Day 2 Middle (22/06/2013)