O-Festivalen H55 Day 1 Sprint (21/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dyreparken
Organiser: KOK
Distance: 2.58 km
Time: 15:55
My first ever sprint victory!

The race inside Kristiansand Zoo featured very complicated geography, with a mixture of paved paths, multi-story walkways, open forest and steep hills. I won because all the faster guys made at least one serious mistake.

1: Sub-optimal route choice, did not see the staircase symbols underneath the brown pavement color.

2: Easy transport.

3: Almost fooled by the second-level placement of this control, had to run back to the staircase (costing 10 sec) and up. Several strong runners missed a minute or more here!

4: It might have been faster to go right, but I ran well up the hill and was just 2 sec behind the best split time, leading the race for the first time here.

5: On this control I had studied the organizer's poster showing an unmapped impassible area, but when I hit the marker bands I still didn't know/remember what to do, and lost 20 sec.

6: Another easy transport leg, but I didn't find the best way down the hill and lost a few seconds.

7: Seemingly very easy but all the special details (climbing nets and kids' jungle gym apparatus) added so many distractions that I hesitated around 5 sec and many others lost a minute or more. I regained the lead here and kept it until the finish.

8: I inteded to go right but worried that all the spectators wandering around would make it difficult to get through so I changed my mind. It seemed to work since I had the best split here.

9: I wanted to cut up the hill but didn't see a good passage so I ran around to the path entrance, got the best split time anyway.

10: Extremely hard to read any details inside "Kardemomme By" with low evening light and a rainsplattered map.

11: Bad route choice, lost 20-25 sec to those who took the paved path right, then up the staircase and over the bridge. but half the time loss was from hesitating within the control circle where I didn't understand the control placement.

12: Transport to the last control and finish line.
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O-Festivalen H55 Day 1 Sprint (21/06/2013) O-Festivalen H55 Day 1 Sprint (21/06/2013)