OBIK P13 / ABIK R6 (18/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Karihaugen
Organiser: NILU
Distance: 4.01 km
Time: 27:17
Needed a short, fast run after Jukola! Our course was very hilly though, with 2/3 of the total climb of my 13 km Jukola leg in just 1/4 of the distance!

Took the safe route to #1, later in the race I would have left the paths 100 m earlier, going past the special detail.

#2 was difficult but I tried to keep the speed up all the way into the control. The cliff turned out to consist of at least three parts, of which only the northernmost part is mapped, so when I jumped down and didn't see the flag I ran on until I could see the path below. Lost 30 sec here.

#3 was mostly contouring, plus reading the block area to the right when passing the last path. The flag was located a few meters higher than I would have expected but no time loss.

Obvious route choice to #4, if I had gone straight up the hill I would have had to walk at least part of it.

Equally obvious to #5.

Just a lot of running to the final control and the finish line.
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OBIK P13 / ABIK R6 (18/06/2013) OBIK P13 / ABIK R6 (18/06/2013)