7-70 (11/06/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Slengfehøgda
Organiser: Nydalen
Distance: 4.37 km
Time: 43:29
I had to make a choice today:

A club training passing over the top of Slengfehøgda, possibly the nicest orientering terrain in the entire Oslo region (old growth spruce with absolutely no under-vegetation, just some bright green moss and grass), or the regular Tuesday evening OBIK race which was held on an old map, with large parts destroyed by extensive logging operations?

When the organizer arrived he was still missing three controls so I was tasked with putting them out, giving me an extra 10-15 min running time before the jog to the start.

OK to #1, then I took the left-hand fork first: #2 was probably located on the wrong boulder, but with a mix of huge boulders and boulder clusters I can understand how the course setter got confused.

OK for the rest of the phi loop.

The only problem to the next control was the litle stream/marsh area which was extremely wet.

Going up to #8 my plan was to aim slightly to the right in order to avoid the boulders and small cliffs, then land in the long sharp reentrant and use that as the attack point. This worked out well, except that I stopped for a short period 8-10 m from the control without seeing either the flag or the boulder.

At this point I had planned to run straight through the second phi loop, but decided to take the left-hand side instead to get an extra control.

I was very careful going down the hill towards #15 (no injury just before Jukola!), then tried to run up to the flag but had to start walking about halfway up.

OK to 16.

I hesitated at the edge of the control circle on #17.

Towards the last control I did consider going left but that would only save a couple of contours while needing to cross a green area with stones and boulders, i.e. not a good idea. When I came to the T junction in the path there was a path going straight as well, so I used that to cross the saddle instead of going around.
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7-70 (11/06/2013) 7-70 (11/06/2013)