Checking autogenerated map (09/06/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Seiløy / Hvaler
Distance: 4.48 km
Time: 96:42
I noticed on my nautical maps that the sound between Papper/Vesterøy and Seiløy was marked as "intertidal zone", and since tides around here are normally just 15-20 cm, it should be possible to wade across and make a hike around this island without needing a boat to get there:

The tide was out so we could just walk across the wet sand, then we made a clock-wise trip around the island, quickly learning that this area has many sharp & deep ravines, several of them with sufficiently dense vegetation so that the Lidar pulses never finds the bottom. This forced us to make a few detours but it was still a very nice area to scramble around in!

The automatically-generated vegetation classification is amazingly good here, with yellow being either naked rock or very low heather, green stripes corresponds to meter-high bracken, the various green levels match reality quite well and the white forest mostly turns out to be taller trees with very little undervegetation. :-)

The maps of the entire archipelago are located at Hvaler, the programs I used to generate them can be found at mapping programs.
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Jens : well done!
Terje Mathisen : Thanks, it is always nice when something you've worked on for a long time turns out even better than you hoped for!
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Checking autogenerated map (09/06/2013) Checking autogenerated map (09/06/2013)