OBIK P11 (06/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tryvann
Organiser: OSI
Distance: 4.71 km
Time: 36:06
Nice event: Good course on a good map, several very nice areas in the forest as well, particularly on the first four controls.

Dead easy to #1, the only problem being the number of windfall we had to get over or around.

Bad direction towards #2 and when I noticed I didn't correct enough at once. Lost 10-15 sec.

Optimal to #3 and #4.

Two main choices to #5, north or south of "Lille Tryvann", I took the flatter option which was correct, except that I made a parallel error into the control even though I should have known that I crossed the last path north of the open marsh. Lost about one min here.

Easy contour running towards #6.

The map is slightly wrong on #7: This is an old ski jump hill and the lower part of the jump construction has been removed, so that the control hung 1-2 contours higher than where it was marked on the map.

Very tough finish up the slalom hills to 8, 9 and 10!

Lost about 5 sec at the end because I didn't find the finish line punch!
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OBIK P11 (06/06/2013) OBIK P11 (06/06/2013)