Nydalen Klubbmesterskap H45 (04/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Slåttemyra
Organiser: NSK
Distance: 4.92 km
Time: 40:01
Strained my lower back at work, could barely move for the first few hours but managed to get around the club championship course later in the evening:

OK to 1 and 2, never saw the indistinct path in the logged field before #3 and got stuck in a heap of windfalls just before the control. Lost about 30 sec here.

Good route choice to #4, avoiding the logged area, got some path/road and didn't suffer any extra climb.

I had intended to follow the paths to #5 and attack from SE, avoiding the green, but when I couldn't see the path in the junction I decided to go more direct, particularly since light green had turned out to be mostly old growth plantet spruce which is fairly runnable. This worked out pretty well.

Easy to #6 but many others must have had some problems/hesitations since this was my only winning split time. I punched this control just a few seconds behind Lars Krüger who had started a minute before me.

OK to #7, at this control I was in second place, only 1 sec behind Jon Iver Bakken who won.

Two mistakes to #8: I should have followed the path a little bit longer, and I should have checked my compass when I got stuck in incredibly dense vegetation and had to fight to get out of it. Lost 1:45 here!

Transport to #9 and 10, lost a lot of time to my club mates who were able to run properly.

OK to #11, although I could have aimed for the road bend which would have given a nice smooth slope downhill, then white forest to the ride.

I lost 32 seconds just on the final run in from the last control so I hope my back pain goes away before the 15-Stafetten relay this weekend!
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Nydalen Klubbmesterskap H45 (04/06/2013) Nydalen Klubbmesterskap H45 (04/06/2013)