OBIK P9 / NMK 2 (30/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Svartkulp
Organiser: Koll
Distance: 4.7 km
Time: 32:48
Fell badly on some wet, slick rocks while warming up, broke my compass here but didn't notice it until after I finished the race, i.e. didn't actually use the compass at all.

Did not read the control description which stated that the first control was located at the NE foot of the knoll, so I climbed up on top and lost about 40 secs before I noticed where it should be.

OK to #2.

On #3 there is a second sharp reentrant located underneath the control circle, SE of the control: I ended up here I didn't understand why there was no control there, lost 20 sec?

I almost ended up on the wrong spur going to #4, had to cut back onto the correct ridge.10 sec?

OK to #5, could probably have followed the path around the hill.

Good route choice and flow to #6.

Easy to #7.

I had originally intended to go south of the lake towards #8 but changed my mind in order to avoid the cliffs and to attack the control from the north instead of perpendicular to the detail. This went badly as I didn't understand the contour detail and turned right instead of left aafter passing the path and small cliff. 40-60 sec?

Perfect to #9 and very good to the remaining controls, except for hesitating in the reentrant leading down to #12: I expected to be able to see the marsh and/or the flag but they were both too well hidden by some trees.
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OBIK P9 / NMK 2 (30/05/2013) OBIK P9 / NMK 2 (30/05/2013)