OBIK P8 / AB 2 (28/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Burudvann
Organiser: Haslum
Distance: 4.53 km
Time: 34:20
Maximally bad timing: It had been sunny and nice most of the day, but just two minutes after I started the rain came down, immediately making my glasses very wet and making it far harder to read the map.

The map is getting very old and it wasn't very good when new, so I was quite glad that the course planner had used good, fair control placements!

Very easy first control, a bit shaky down to #2 where I thought the marsh was located a bit higher up so I hesitated a few seconds.

Lots of new logging around the road so I just tried to get out of this area and over on the path as quickly as possible.

Very dense forest towards 5 but I hit it spot on.

Lots of running towards #6, just a big funnel leading up to the control.

Very dense forest towards #7 so I climbed up the hill a bit early, this might have cost me a few seconds.

Another easy leg to #8, then just due east towards the path in front of #9.

Hit #11 perfectly and found a good route from here down to the last control.
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OBIK P8 / AB 2 (28/05/2013) OBIK P8 / AB 2 (28/05/2013)