OBIK P7 / NMK 1 (23/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Setertjern
Organiser: Kjelsås
Distance: 5.06 km
Time: 38:49
One bad route choice (to nr 3 where I should have gone right along the lake), otherwise pretty good except for feeling tired during the entire race.

On nr 5 there was a very obvious rock/scree/boulder line along the hillside where I ran, but since the map didn't show this I believed I was about the hit the control when I spotted the road below and realized that I must be too low. 15 sec?

OK to 6.

Passing the south end of the pond before 7 there is a spot where the track is red: This is where I found a bottomless hole in the very wet&muddy path and ended up waist deep before I could grab hold of the surrounding ground.

OK to the remaining controls, including #12 where the forest has become a lot denser in the years since the map was last updated.
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OBIK P7 / NMK 1 (23/05/2013) OBIK P7 / NMK 1 (23/05/2013)