OBIK P6 H50 (21/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grønliåsen
Organiser: Norges Bank
Distance: 5.87 km
Time: 39:42
Another very good race: I tried to press the pace just to the limit of my orienteering capability and noticed a few times that I was a bit insecure exactly where I was, but kept going and relocated without any stops.

Optimal routes to the first three controls, then bad direction towards #4 which probably cost 10-15 sec.

Very easy to #5.

I probably found the best route choice to #6.

#7 was interesting! I did consider running north and east, going around the entire hill, but I believe a more or less straight choice along the paths must have been better.

I did lose the path I was following halfway up the hill, a bit north of #10, then I had to drop down a few meters to relocate it, possibly costing around 10 sec?

Very good to 8, 9 & 10.

I followed some tracks a bit too far north going out from #10, should have cut up the hill a bit sooner. 5-10 sec?

I was
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OBIK P6 H50 (21/05/2013) OBIK P6 H50 (21/05/2013)