OBIK P5 (16/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Setertjern
Organiser: Folkehelseinstituttet
Distance: 4.91 km
Time: 34:16
Nice, readable (1:7500), map, fair control placements lead to a more or less perfect race.

#1: Left the main path by the little knoll, saw a few people searching by the wrong set of boulders but continued to the correct location.

#2: A very easy control, ran to the path junction then turned slightly right in order to pass over the top of the knoll and hit the boulder spot on. The GPS shows that the map is wrong here however, in that the knoll is larger than shown on the map and the boulder is actually located near the SSE edge of the control circle!

#3: My plan was to leave the road by the path and use that to get up to cultivation boundary, but as I got closer it tunred out that the white parts on the map were very nice so I ran straight up instead. Located the control via the paths and the ridge.

#4: 3 main options here, I believe the middle one which I took was the best.

#5: Almost straight, just following the contours. The flag was located a bit too low but coming down the reentrant it was impossible to miss.

#6: The toughest leg! Lost of climbing to get up the hill, the indistinct path was effectively non-existent. Attacked the control through very dense (planted) forest via the stream.

#7: Could have gone left as well, right was probably safest and just as fast.

Easy finish via the last control.
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OBIK P5 (16/05/2013) OBIK P5 (16/05/2013)