Fellestur Kjentmannsposter (15/05/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Skullerud/Østmarka
Organiser: Anne Berit/Jon Petter
Distance: 9.53 km
Time: 194:15
AB/JP invited a group of people to make a nice trek in the eastern parts of the forests around Oslo.

We started at Rustadsaga parking, by the Skullerud School, and took a somewhat roundabout route to Øgården on dirt roads, then turned south on the old "Plank Road", constructed around 1660.

Halfway along this we located control 44 and 45 of "Kjentmannsmerket", a list of semi-permanent controls located on interesting locations around Oslo.

We had a nice break on top of the nearby Smalåsen ("narrow ridge"), then continued south and then west in order to reach the third and last control, located in the middle of the cliffs near the entrance to a water treatment plant. The final 100m of this approach was marked in the terrain, very useful since we had no exact map reference for this control!

We returned to the car park along the shortest possible route and got back at 22:00, i.e. just before dark at this time of the year!
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Jon Petter : Takk for turen!
Her er link der du kan finne mer om Karen Cudrio, Plankeveien og "Cudriobakken" ved post44
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Fellestur Kjentmannsposter (15/05/2013) Fellestur Kjentmannsposter (15/05/2013)