OBIK P4 H50 (14/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lathus
Organiser: Fossum
Distance: 4.83 km
Time: 34:45
Strange race but good training (I ran H50 instead of H55 to get a longer course):

OK to the first 5 controls, was in second spot at this time.

I've missed several times in the area around #6 on previous events, so I was very careful, but still didn't find it. Tried from several directions before I followed the reentrant almost to the edge of the circle and located the flag. Lost 5-6 minutes here according to the gps.

OK to 7 and 8, then on #9 the flag was located near the middle of the circle, but the details should probably not have been used: The flag was located on a very small cliff above the line of cliffs that are shown on the map, so as I came down the hillside I passed the flag by about 2-3 m and didn't even look for it until I got down one more level. Another 2+ minutes lost here.
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OBIK P4 H50 (14/05/2013) OBIK P4 H50 (14/05/2013)