FSK Klubbmesterskap (09/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Høydal
Organiser: Fredrikstad
Distance: 5.88 km
Time: 37:11
Mostly very nice, except for a lot of rain last night which left the forest _very_ wet.

OK to #1, made a little detour to check the knoll 50-60m before the control.

Perfect direction to #2, just using the angle relative to the contour lines.

Same result for the approach to #3.

On the long leg towards #4 we had two main alternatives, I did consider going right, skirting the field and then follow the (partly indistinct) path system, but I believe I found the better option.

Easy contouring to #5, even though the gps shows that the control was located one contour line too low in the reentrant.

OK until I crossed the last path towards #6, but when I hit the hillside I couldn't get my compass to agree with the slope angle direction, so I believed I had come too far, closer to the next control, and turned around.

I realized my mistake after a short period, but this still cost me enough time so that Tom A Karlsen who started a minute behind caught up to me here.

Trying to get a gap I ran as fast as possible towards 7 and had maybe 10+ seconds. This turned out to be enough to let me take the path/road route towards #8 while Tom took the paths on top of the hill. His route choice was probably about 45 sec slower, but when he suffered a sprained ankle halfway we'll never know exactly how much.

OK to 9, 10 and 11.

Running towards the last control I was fooled by an unmarked trail (from old logging?), it is marked on the map as an opening in the green, but no path symbol. I realized my mistake (was this a map error?) quickly but the green was so dense that I had to continue down and around the worst of it, then I had to run up the hill again to get back on my planned route.

Time loss about 45 sec?
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FSK Klubbmesterskap (09/05/2013) FSK Klubbmesterskap (09/05/2013)