Oslo City Cup Finale (07/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skullerud
Organiser: Oppsal
Distance: 3.18 km
Time: 18:00
Chasing start 6:14 after the leader, and almost 2 min after the previous runner in the class, so my only goal was to run as well as possible:

OK to the first control.

Two small mistakes to the second: a) I should have taken the left turn around the pair of buildings, and when I approached the building with the control on the back side inside corner I ran around it in the wrong direction. Lost maybe 10 sec?

Very easy to the following controls, all the way to nr 9 and 10.

Nr 11 had in theory three alternatives, but since the control was so high up on the hill and so far to the east, only the direct option was realistic.

I should probably have gone more direct towards 12: The light green was easily runnable since the leaves have just started to appear in this very late spring, and the yellow ski trails were quite muddy.

OK to the remaining controls, the toughest part was the finish run which still had snow cover!

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Oslo City Cup Finale (07/05/2013) Oslo City Cup Finale (07/05/2013)