Kvistkvaset (01/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vardåsen
Organiser: Ås
Leg: 1
Distance: 6.23 km
Time: 43:12
Ran in class H130 with a team that was nearly 20 years overage, but we still won. :-)

All classes started at the same time, so there was a lot of H17 runners (and a couple of D17) during the first controls, I probably took the wrost possible route choice to #1:

The fastest must have been to follow the road until the small path junction due east, second best was to run straight along the knolls for the last 250 m, I think I lost 15-20 sec here.

OK to2, 3, 4 & 5.

Towards #6 I had problems seeing the indistinct trail on the map, there was a lot of them in the forest, so I decided to cut down towards the main path, then I went back up along the long reentrant with cliffs on the north side, I recognized the feature from the leg to the 2nd control.

I hit 7 OK but it would have been safer and at least as fast to follow the main path 150 m further, then take the indistinct path and follow the stream down to the control.

On nr 8 I should have followed the path as long as possible, until the path junction just after the boulder, then make a shortest possible cut through the dense green, then going back the same way I would have gotten the path around the hill that lead directly to the control. Now I missed about 40 sec here by overshooting it.

OK to the last 4 controls, I didn't gain much by running around the green to the last, but I definitely didn't lose any time either, and it was much more comfortable and safer as well.

I won the first leg by about 1 m and had the best leg time of the day, Since Jo and Jon Ivar both ran well, we won the relay and got a "Moose Hat" each, the traditional price on this event! :-)
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Kvistkvaset (01/05/2013) Kvistkvaset (01/05/2013)