Solrenningen (21/04/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Olaåsen
Organiser: Sarpsborg/Halden
Distance: 5.98 km
Time: 39:48
My best race so far this year!

1. I would normally run more direct towards such a control, leaving the path 100 m sooner, but since this was the first control I decided to take the safer option via the path junction.

I still came a little bit too far south, so I probably lost 10-15 seconds, but since I was just 5 sec behind the best split time here that's still OK.

Good route choice and execution to #2, but Per Chr who ran a bit further around the first hill was 8 seconds in front.

I won the legs to #3 and #4 and lead the rest of the race.

Towards #5 I intentionally dropped my usual strict map control and decided that I could just take a coarse compass direction since it would be easy to relocate when I got to the stream and path. I did end up a little bit to the right which might have cost me a few seconds crossing the small cliffs on both sides of the stream, but still OK.

#6 was very good, there was a huge windfall to the right of the knoll as I approached, so I had to run around on the left side to avoid this.

On #7 I lost a few seconds to those who used the path/ride to avoid the light green, otherwise very good.

At this point I tried to turn up the speed since I was getting close to the finish, this seemed to work since I won the next 6 legs.

#14 was a bit of a trap, in that it turned out to be 10-15 seconds faster to run around the final hill and approach the control from the back side: We had to cross several barbed wires, plus the ditch underneath the cliffs was extremely muddy.

On this control I caught up to one of my team mates, Sören, who had started 4 minutes in front of me: I thought it looked like he ran quite slowly, but I still needed all the distance to the final run-in before I managed to pass, so I need to get a bit faster myself as well!
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Solrenningen (21/04/2013) Solrenningen (21/04/2013)