Vårspretten (19/04/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dælærne
Organiser: Halden/Sarpsborg
Distance: 4.1 km
Time: 27:41
Since my new EMIT tag broke last weekend I ran this event with a lender, which I verified to be OK before starting (printed the split times from the last event, verified that the zero unit blinked etc.). I still got a "No data" at the finish line, so that I had to go to the "Red Zone" where they very quickly verified that I had all the backup pin holes. :-)

I mostly ran a very good race, orienteered well all the way, except that after the fourth control I had to re-fold my map as I was running, and when I had finished doing this I orienteered from 10 towards 9!

I got most of the details (crossing a path, rounding a knoll, crossing a stream) to fit nicely, but when I hit the dirt track I had to realize that this simply couldn't be the road I was looking for!

It probably took 5-10 seconds before I was willing to realize what I had done, then I had to restart my race.

I passed Nils E Hæstad (who had started a minute behind me and made a big mistake on #3) between 6 and 7, but he caught back up and managed to punch a second in front of me on both 8 and 9 before I got a small gap to the last controls.

Arve Glittum won, just like he did twice last weekend in Vestfold while I ran in Fredrikstad, but I'm happy to see that I'm matching his speed and would probably have been in front without that horrible beginner's mistake. :-)

(I lead by 35-40 seconds on both #3 and 4, my gps split times were 1:08, 1:39, 2:43, 3:03, 5:02, 3:29, 1:12, 3:11, 0:56, 2:20, 1:07, 0:40, 1:08 which means that I had one of the best split times on every control except #5.)
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Vårspretten (19/04/2013) Vårspretten (19/04/2013)