AOOK night (04/04/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Hvervenbukta
Organiser: AOOK
Distance: 5.42 km
Time: 62:08
Pretty horrible!

OK to the easy first control on loop A (the western #1), just a few seconds hesitation when I found a pretty big (unmarked) cliff face below the path.

The second control was where disaster struck: I hit it perfectly, but since I was looking for a stone (check the map without track to see why: The cliff face is well below minimum legal size, looking exactly like a boulder symbol), and we ran without control codes I left the area and started searching for alternative placements. The hillside was partly covered by glaced ice, I fell and slid down several places, so it took a long time (7-8 min!) before I finally came back to the same spot.

At this point I had lost all confidence both in myself and the map, so I decided to run around on the paths to the third control, but ended up following unmapped tracks and didn't realize it before I was 100 m SE of the control.

I managed to pull myself together at this point, hit #4 and 5 perfectly and passed the finish area.

Since I had taken so long on this first loop I decided to skip the second half of A and ran the south part of B:

OK to 7, 8 and 9.

I started by following unmarked tracks towards 10, checked the direction and realized that I had to turn left. Since the running was so much smoother down here than by following the ridge, I probably didn't lose too much time.

I decided to take the "safe" road alternative to nr 11, but passed very close without seeing it and lost about 2 minutes.

On the north B loop I first stopped too early on #1, found a pretty big boulder which wasn't mapped and lost my confidence again.

OK to 2 and 3, then on #4 I still didn't realize why I had got lost the first time (I hadn't been able to read the path underneath the cliffs after about 45% of the leg), and promptly made another mistake, this time ending up too far north.

On #5 I left the path a bit too early, could have saved both climb and time if I had dared to go directly towards it.

I'm very glad this was a training event, in a competition I would probably have ended up dead last!
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AOOK night (04/04/2013) AOOK night (04/04/2013)