Gate-O (14/03/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Levre Skole
Organiser: Tyrving
Distance: 7.79 km
Time: 53:43
Took a chance and ran without a headlamp, even though the starting time was after sunset. This cost me some time on the second lap since I could only read the map properly underneath the brightest street lamps.

Started OK to nr 1 on the first (southern) loop, even if I should have taken the same route between the buildings as I did going through control 5 on the second lap.

I made a big mistake on #2, didn't notice it when I passed the building just before the control and ran past the next, much larger one, before I understood what I had done. Lost about 90 seconds here!

OK to 3.

Missed the path onto the parking lot leaving the control 3, lost some more time climbing up through the big piles of snow left by the plows!

OK route choices to the last 3 controls on this loop.

On #1 on the second (eastern) loop I found the best route choice, one of the younger (i.e. faster) guys who took the left-hand path through the housing area gained very little.

I also found nearly the best route to #2, it was impossible to see the opening in the fence and the path through the olive green.

OK to 3.

My path to #4 was fine, except that the steep hill through the rough open was so difficult to climb that it might have been faster to run around.
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Gate-O (14/03/2013) Gate-O (14/03/2013)