Vintercup #4 (05/03/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Badebakken
Organiser: Nydalens SK
Distance: 4.13 km
Time: 24:06
Very interesting sprint area, although the printed map version we ran on made it hard some places to see the difference between narrow stripes of urban (illegal to cross) green and regular green vegetation!

OK to nr 1, did not see the (legal) opening between the buildings towards nr 2, so I ran around the hill. 10-15 sec?

OK to the next controls, until after nr 10 where I spent a couple of seconds checking if there was a second staircase down from the control area.

Towards nr 12 I could not read the map well enough to go left around the building, but it was probably easier to run where I did!

I checked very carefully that there was a legal route between the buildings towards 13!

Some hesitation towards 14 before I figured out that I had to take the tunnel.

Easy 15 and 16.

There were a few micro-choices to nr 17, but probably very little difference between them.

OK to 18 and finish, the control was partly hidden behind a large wan.

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Vintercup #4 (05/03/2013) Vintercup #4 (05/03/2013)