Gate-O (28/02/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gullhaug
Organiser: Tyrving
Distance: 6.7 km
Time: 42:28
Still not used to running, but I'm getting less sore after each race. :-)

The A loop started with the short leg to the control on the hill NE of the start/finish area, I think my route choice was the only reasonable one.

Nr 2 was pure transport to set up for the complicated 3rd leg:

My route choice looks very reasonable, but it turned out that the hill up to the road was covered with _very_ deep snow covering felled trees, so it would probably have been faster to go right on the bike paths!

Towards 4 I got confused for some seconds since I thought I was supposed to go towards 7 instead, but otherwise it was trivial.

Two small alternatives down to 5, but as I ran towards the decision point in the last road junction I saw several runners coming up on the path, so it was easy to take the shortest option.

Back to nr 6 Nils E had joined me, so I decided to try the other way around the final building, but lost a few seconds.

Similarly I had planned to go left from 7 to 8, but when Nils E did that I tried the right-hand choice which was probably nearly 10 seconds slower.

On the B loop we only had one real route choice leg, from 6 to 7, but considering the snow cover I took the safe road alternative.

Up to nr 8 I did the only real mistake, leaving the road one bike path too early, but that probably cost only 10+ seconds.
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Gate-O (28/02/2013) Gate-O (28/02/2013)