Gate-O (14/02/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rykkinn
Organiser: Tyrving
Distance: 7.84 km
Time: 52:16
OK route choices and execution to all controls on the first (western loop), except for halfway to nr 7 where I believed for a few seconds that I had entered the housing area further east.

After the map flip I was fooled by the control numbers being printed on top of dark features, so that I believed the '11' towards NE was the first control!

When I got up there I realized by mistake but decided that I'd just run the loop in the opposite direction.

OK until 7, but going towards 6 I spotted an opening in the wall between the two big blocks of flats, similar to the openings shown between many of the other buildings, so I ran through it, believing that the opening itself was hidden underneath the purple printed line.

This seems to have been a repeat of AM Hausken Nordberg's mistake at last year's championship sprint race in Falun, in that the opening is missing from the race map and my route choice here was an additional reason for a DSQ (on top of taking the controls in the opposite order. :-()

The most interesting route choice was between 4 and 3, but since the Økriveien route is nearly flat it was probably the best. In summertime, when you could run between the buildings and over the yellow fields I might have chosen otherwise.

The funniest part of the race was when I merged the two maps and realized that I had visited one control on both loops (9 and 2), leaving in the same direction both times, and never realized it!
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Gate-O (14/02/2013) Gate-O (14/02/2013)