Gate-O (31/01/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gjettum-Dønski
Organiser: Tyrving/Arne Tiltnes
Distance: 5.37 km
Time: 36:55
(I forgot to start the GPS watch until halfway on the first (southern) loop, so the track to the first 5 control has been added manually, i.e. with no real timing or speed information.)

1a) Correct route choice but the snow covering the yellow areas were quite deep and covered with breakable crust, so it would have been better to follow the same path as I used in the opposite direction at the end of the second loop.

2) No real route choice here.

3) On this one I considered going left but this seemed like too much running across snow-covered areas.

4) Started wrong by following a track across the open area, should have just stayed on the path all the way! Around 30 secs?

5) It would have been slightly better to start by turning around and going back through nr 4, otherwise it seemed OK, including going through the tunnel underneath the block of flats!

6) Here it was obviously faster to go right, following roads, but due to my hip problems I took the path over the hill instead, since this would give me a softer surface.

7) OK, except for no tracks for the final path to the control: With the deep snow cover here it would have been faster to run around the hill on the plowed footpaths instead.

Second loop:

1b) My plan was to go through the housing area, but since Bjørn Henning (who had just overtaken me) did that, I took the main road route instead.

2) Pure transport, except for the area in front of the control not being plowed as indicated on the map: It would have been faster to go around the final building on the north side!

3) Another transport leg, the only alternative path would have been to go left around the hill, but that was almost certainly slower.

4) Some alternatives here but my choice was pretty obvious.

The final controls were all OK.
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Gate-O (31/01/2013) Gate-O (31/01/2013)