RCCL cruise ship race (28/12/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Adventure of the Seas
Organiser: Terje Mathisen
Distance: 0.01 km
Time: 0:03
My mother invited the entire extended family on a Christmas cruise, so I arranged an orienteering race during the last sea day:

The competitors were only allowed to run on the marked running track on the 12th deck, everywhere else they had to walk.

We had unmarked controls but electronic punching, using cell phone camera timestamps:

The racers used their camera phones to take an image of the starting area, then each of the controls and the finish line.

The controls in the bottom of the ship caused the most mistakes: There is no way to get from nr 3 to 4 or from nr 4 to 5 without going up to the fourth deck!

In the end Bjørn Tore, my brother Knut's eldest posted the winning time of 21:33

PS. Due to an inaccurate scale of the map, plus all the connecting lines between controls on different decks, the automatically calculated course length (4.9 km) is far too long!
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RCCL cruise ship race (28/12/2012) RCCL cruise ship race (28/12/2012)