Steep urban hills and an orienteering wedding (07/07/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Hunnebostrand
Distance: 6.08 km
Time: 47:51
Average HR: 132
Maximum HR: 152
Another experiment with combining Google Maps aerial images and a local trail map.

The naked rock areas are all granite, with lots of broken stone slabs left behind from when this area was a big exporter of paving stone.

I spent several minutes finding a way up to the 5th control, it would have been much faster to run south along the road past the houses in order to avoid the cliffs.

The big star symbol midway between 5 and 6 is an engraved compass circle, when I passed the area a wedding between two orienteers was taking place! It is a beautiful location with wonderful views of the coastal archipelago outside Hunnebostrand, much nicer than the church itself which is located by control nr 2.

I ran along paths, both marked and un-marked on my map, all the way to nr 7.

Getting down to nr 8 was problematic, there's a 4m high cliff all around the south end of central part of the hill.
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Steep urban hills and an orienteering wedding (07/07/2012) Steep urban hills and an orienteering wedding (07/07/2012)