Papperhavn: A mapping experiment (10/06/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Papperhavn syd
Distance: 3.79 km
Time: 71:11
This was an experiment in combining public mapping resources with Google Maps aerial photos: I combined several images from the Hvaler community public topo map server with a similar set of images from Google Maps, using the Google images as the bottom layer and putting the topo map images with 1 m laser contours on top.

On the topo layer I edited the color palette, so that the ocean became transparent, the default background was white, significant vegation areas green and fields yellow. I also emphasized the brown contours.

When combined in Photoshop the naked rock formations does not show through, while all vegetation is very obvious. I used Overlay blending mode since that seemed to give the best results.

PS. I forgot to start my GPS until 10 minutes after we started, so the distance shown is incorrect: The total trip was about 4.5 km
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Papperhavn: A mapping experiment (10/06/2012) Papperhavn: A mapping experiment (10/06/2012)