Sacramento (22/04/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sacramento Bar
Organiser: Gold Country Orienteers
Distance: 8.09 km
Time: 57:57
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 172
Ran the longest course (RED) the morning after 22 hours of travel from Oslo to California, as usual just after such a long trip my form was noticably worse than normal. :-(

The first control seemed very easy, but the terrain was covered in tall, lush grasses, hiding the control depression when I first arrived less than 10 m away. Lost about 90 seconds.

To nr 2 I realized that the fastest alternative had to be to follow the road all the way around, but I still tried to go more direct. I quickly found out that open yellow raster was covered with prickly growth, small paths could be very hard to see, and green areas were totally impenetrable.

OK to nr 3, nr 4 was located two contours below the three instead of on the side of it as shown on the control description.

Nr 5 was simply wrong, it sat in an extra depression (not shown on the map) underneath the SW side of the control circle.

OK to 6, misread up vs down inside the control circle on nr 7, and decided to attempt another "straight on if possible" leg to nr 8.

Nr 9 was OK, might have been faster to run even further around near the end.

The path that led the last third of the way to nr10 was almost obliterated near the beginning,I got some ugly scratches on my arms and legs from the prickly bushes.

From 11 to 12 I gave up on "straight ahead" running and bailed out to the dirt road.

OK to nr 13, except that I couldn't get the map to match up with the terrain around the control, and spent a minute or so finding the flag.

OK to 14, very tough approach to nr 15, and then just a lot of running to the last control and the finish line.

Afterwards I just have to say a big "Thank You" to the volunteers in GCO who made this event possible, it is very nice to be able to combine business travel with orienteering events! :-)
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Sacramento (22/04/2012) Sacramento (22/04/2012)