Koll 123 - Medium without paths (11/06/2024)
Category: Competition
Distance: 2.87 km
Time: 26:29
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 180
Pretty good orienteering! I think #3 was located a tiny bit too far south/high in the reentrant.
#4 was definitely too high up, but the green vegetation was larger than shown on the map.
My worst mistake was on #6 where I suddenly spotted a flag as I was running up along the target reentrant, but this control was located on the nearby boulder instead. When I then cut across to my control I once again had to climb a bit higher up than indicated. I lost 35-40 sec here.
To #8 I knew that there is a ski track west of the lake, but since I didn't have that on my map, I ran on the east side where the map shows white forest.
The rest was OK.
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Koll 123 - Medium without paths (11/06/2024) Koll 123 - Medium without paths (11/06/2024)