Smaaleneneløpet H65 (21/04/2024)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skimtefjell
Distance: 5.16 km
Time: 43:17
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 176
Too slow running speed, but much better orienteering than yesterday: Close to perfect?
According to Livelox/WinSplits I lost up to half a minute to #7 when the area north of the dirt road was newly logged (not shown on the race map) and I failed to find the best way through the obstacles/hesitated into the control.

I also lost some time to the last control, but that was mostly due to taking a bad fall while climbing down to the road: Abrasions on both legs and one lower arm, plus a bruise covering two ribs.

I mostly ran the same routes as Nils Hæstad and he was almost 7 minutes faster than all the rest of us, so about 1.5 min/km!
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Smaaleneneløpet H65 (21/04/2024) Smaaleneneløpet H65 (21/04/2024)