Halden O-Meeting Middle (13/04/2024)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ertemarka
Distance: 3.77 km
Time: 33:23
Average HR: 150
Maximum HR: 171
Very good orienteering,I ended up in 3rd place, 2:50 behind Sören Jonsson who ran much faster, particularly on the long leg to #10 where he beat me by almost a minute. I was probably a bit unlucky when I had to cross an unmapped moss-covered boulder field going down the light green hillside. On #9, after half the race time and 2/3 of the controls I was in 2nd place and just 46 sec behind but then I lost two minutes on the 5 last controls which had more down- and uphill running and a bit less orienteering.
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Halden O-Meeting Middle (13/04/2024) Halden O-Meeting Middle (13/04/2024)