Oslo City Cup 1 (02/04/2024)
Category: Training
Map/area: Frognerparken
Distance: 3.33 km
Time: 19:24
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 180
All my running over the last several months have been in the form of very steep (10-15%) uphill intervals in order to hopefully recover from a meniscus problem, but today that meant that my actual running speed on flat parkland was a minute slower per km that what I hope to be in a couple of months time.
The course was of course dead simple, even in the 2-3 locations where we had an actual route choice, the livelox tracking shows that it made almost no difference what you selected, with the possible exception of the long leg to #15 where going right was both shorter and a bit faster.
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Oslo City Cup 1 (02/04/2024) Oslo City Cup 1 (02/04/2024)