PWT Cruise - St Barts (01/12/2023)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gustavia
Distance: 3.67 km
Time: 24:10
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 171
Last race, and my best race of the trip.
Before today I lead the overall competition by just 44 seconds so I knew I had to avoid all the stupid mistakes I've done on the previous races.
I think I did a very close to perfect race, except that I failed to pre-plan the next control in several places.
I ended up winning both the race and the over-all series (by 2-3) minutes even though I've calculated that I must have lost at least half a minute per race (2+ seconds/control) because I have an old Sport-Ident tag so I'm required to stop and push the point into the control units while my competitors with better (SIAC) gear could just run past each control without stopping.
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PWT Cruise - St Barts (01/12/2023) PWT Cruise - St Barts (01/12/2023)